Carrots are categorized as vegetables, although they are basically the roots of the carrot plant. Eating carrots in abundance can provide you with lots of health benefits. Carrots are eaten both in the cooked form as well as in the raw form. You can gain a number of health benefits and can treat several ailments by eating carrots.

Nutritional Value of Carrots

Carrots have a high nutritional value as they contain many vital nutrients. In fact, they contain the highest amount of nutrients as compared to all other vegetables. The nutrients which it contains include iron, phosphorus, calcium, proteins, glucose, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin H and vitamin E.

It contains a well-balanced amount of nutrients. You must be aware of the world famous adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. The same goes for carrots as they are considered to be the “apple” for the poor people who cannot afford to buy apples which are an expensive fruit. On the other hand, carrots are affordable.

Health Benefits of Carrots

  • Carrots cause you to urinate frequently, thereby helping you get rid of the toxic waste substances from the body. It also helps one get rid of kidney stones, which disintegrate and are washed out of the body due to the frequent urination.
  • Carrots are very good for the liver.
  • They provide energy and strength to the body.
  • Carrots are very effective for the eyes. They strengthen the sight since they are a good source of vitamin A, which is an important vitamin for the eyes.
  • It helps in the digestion of food and prevents indigestion and numerous other digestive problems.
  • Carrots are extremely effective for heart patients as well.
  • Carrots maintain an appropriate balance of minerals in the body.
  • Eating carrots improves and boosts the appetite.
  • They are helpful for regulating the menstrual cycle of women.
  • Carrots can act as a natural sunscreen by making your skin less vulnerable to the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.
  • They help cure cold and flu.
  • Carrots are a great source of fiber, which helps in the digestion of food and also helps you deal with problems related to weight gain and obesity.
  • Since carrots contain the perfect combination of minerals and vitamins including vitamin A and vitamin E, they are great for the skin. Eating carrots can improve the complexion and make the skin smooth and radiant, imparting a glow to it. Moreover, carrots contain a high water content which keeps the skin hydrated.
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Carrots can be eaten in many forms. You can cook the carrots to make a dessert or you can eat them raw. The juice of carrots is also a healthy as well as tasty drink. Carrots are also used in pickles and in main course meals as well.

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