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English as an international language and is the most important concern for underdeveloped countries like Pakistan. As you know, all the research work and latest technologies are published in English language, so it is becoming an essential concern to learn English. Many institutes are established for providing the services to teach you the basics of English in written and oral patterns. On the other hand, the charges may not be affordable for everyone to take admission in these institutes. Reading this article will greatly help you to know how you can learn English grammar and to build your confidence to talk in English like an expert. There may be one of two reasons that you are not able to make a conversation in English:

  • You want to speak English but the confidence of your opponent scares you.
  • You want to learn English but do not have enough confidence to do that.

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Many of the literate people also do not know how to speak proper English. The main reason is the environment in which you have studied throughout your life. Your focus while studying may be to get hold on the bookish knowledge but you do not know how to express it in a good manner. Therefore, when you start speaking in English, you do not able to express your ideas in a good manner and most of the times you have to feel embarrassment.

Rules that should be followed:
Acting upon the simple tips that are given below assists you to learn English fast.

  • Always use “First Form” with the helping verb like is, am, are, was, were, shall, will, do, does and did.
  • With the word “SO”, you should use “that”.
  • It is very usual to write “The” with the names of languages, countries, famous personalities and cities, which is wrong.
  • “Such” always comes with “as” or “that”.
  • Use “or” with “either” and “nor” with “neither”
  • Some words are mostly used in negative sentences like “many and much”. So take care of these words while speaking or writing a negative sentence.
  • Third form will be used with all kinds of passive voice sentences and with “has, had, have and be”.
  • One should add “yet” with “although” and “to” with the verb that is ending on “ior”.

All above are the minor mistakes that we are habitual to make in our daily life. With little effort and care one can over control the pace of errors.

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