Dry Skin Remedies

Smooth, fresh and healthy skin is essential to look gorgeous. If the oily skin can ruin your looks, dryness is no step behind to fathom your beauty. Dry skin is not a monster but it does make you look very rough and ugly. Flaking of skin and itching can be quite irritating for you.

It is evident that we don’t put much care in looking for dryness in our skin. We get used to it and most of the time don’t accept it as a hindrance. But beauty conscious ladies out there do know the importance of it.

Remedies to Getting Rid of the Dry and Itchy Skin

Below, we are writing some remedies that can be used to make your skin look fresh and smooth and also can save a trip to a dermatologist.

Don’t Use Soap

Soaps are the main reason you get dry skin. They have harsh chemicals that break your skin along with washing dirt. It diminishes the smoothness and softness of your skin.

  • Use cleansers and shower gels.
  • Try to use the soaps which have mild effects
  • Get aloe Vera based gels to wash your skin

Use Moisturizers

Most of the dry skin problems can be solved by using good moisturizers. After taking bath, immediately use moisturizers to contain the water in the skin.

  • If your skin is too dry then use baby oil when your skin is wet
  • Try cleansing your skin once a day regularly.
  • Use good washcloth or towel that is soft

Wear Skin Friendly Clothes

Cotton and silk clothes are soft and have a beautiful effect on your skin. Moreover, rough clothes damage your skin because air cannot pass through these.

Don’t Expose Your Skin Too Much to Sun

Not only ultraviolet rays in sun can cause skin cancer but they can make your skin dry and itchy by taking off its moisture.

  • Apply some good sunscreen when going out.
  • Cover your skin and don’t expose it.
  • Avoid going out between noon and afternoon

Correct Your Eating Habits

What you eat becomes part of your skin. Take diets that are rich in fruits, vegetables, salads, and grains. These diets not only makes your complexion better but they work from the inside of your body as well.

  • Eat carrots, oranges and apricots because they provide vitamin A which has amazing benefits for your skin.
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks because they make your skin lose water quickly.

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Staying healthy is the key to achieving whatever goals you set for yourself. Most skin problems occur due to unhealthy living habits.

  • Do not smoke it has nicotine in it which affect your blood vessels and oxygen supply.
  • Get regular and proper sleep because your skin gets renewed when you are sleeping.
  • Adopt a daily exercise routine it makes blood flow better

Get a Medical Treatment if Problem Persists

If you are not getting any progress and good results after using all these methods then you must consult a dermatologist.

  • You can have some medical situation that is causing your skin problems
  • There may be some kind of infection which later can become a bigger problem.


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