Gastritis Symptoms, Treatment and Causes


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Gastritis is a liver ailment. Every disease is curable if it gets treated on the right time. Do not be reluctant to see a doctor even if you even have a trivial problem going on. In gastritis, the internal mucous membrane of the liver gets acute swelling, the membrane of the liver gets red and poisonous bile starts emerging frequently from the liver. Gradually, the entire liver gets infected. According to a survey, gastritis kills more than 2.25 million people around the world.

Causes of Gastritis

The inflammation of liver is caused by a germ ‘Helicobacter Pylori’. The left over and stale food, spicy food, citrus items, smoking and drinking are included in the main causes of gastritis. Besides, excessive use of medicines and antibiotics can also be a cause of this disease. Some bacteria through virus, fungi, dangerous parasites and polluted water can get into the liver and become a cause of this acute disease.

So all you can do at your end is to drink mineral water every time. If it isn’t possible for you should boil the water before you drink it. Use masks if you are travelling in a dust full area. This way you would not be able to inhale germs. By wearing masks in polluted areas you can not only save yourself from gastritis but also other dangerous breathing, skin, brain and heart diseases.

Symptoms  of Gastritis

In the beginning you will feel acidity and pain in the stomach. You will feel thirsty as a result food and water will not stay in your stomach, a sort of digestion problem occurs with slight fever. Feeling of nausea and short vomits also accompany. This disease is mostly found in people who are addicted to wine and cigarettes. But after eating a spiteful food item the soft membrane of the person is fully damaged. Sometimes this disease is caused by eating stale meat. If this disease is not treated on time, the disease can get more chronic as a consequence inflammation and swelling can spread up to the arteries.

Treatment of Gastritis

As a first aid treatment the patient should drink as much water as they can. Then, add sodium bicarb or vinegar to water before drinking. You can also drink lemonade instead of adding sodium bicarub or vinegar to water. Another home remedy for this disease is to drink milk or egg’s white portion and breathe rapidly in an open place.

Diagnostics of Gastritis

Gastritis can be diagnosed from its apparent symptoms. But even then the patient should undergo a stomach X-ray so that the arteries shall be identified clearly. The patient shall also get a blood test from some authentic lab because most of the labs these days do not provide correct reports of the blood samples.

Gastritis Symptoms, Treatment and Causes

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