Causes of Slow Metabolism in Women

Simply put, metabolism means that process that moves your body organs and keeps you alive. It keeps your body in working order. Metabolism helps in digestion of food and converts into the blood. It oxygenates blood cells.

Higher Metabolism: It means that food you eat gets converted efficiently into energy that helps your organs perform their functions.

Slower Metabolism: It effects your food digestion abilities and as a result fat is stored in the body and you tend to get also undermines your mental and physical capabilities.

Here we are going to mention causes of slow metabolism in women.

Eating Less or Extreme Dieting

Foods that you eat contain all the necessary nutrients like proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, fats and fibers that help maintain vital functions of your body.

  • Protein is the main source that keeps your metabolism in best working condition, by missing meals and eating less you deprive your metabolism of it.
  • Eating less protein makes your body burn lean muscles that ultimately slows down your metabolism

Sitting Idle

Your metabolic process achieves its maximum functionality when you do work outs. But sitting idle at home or at your office slows down your metabolism.

  • Exercise provides a boost to metabolism.
  • Desk jobs and sitting in front of television are the main culprits that make your metabolism inactive

Missing Your Sleep

More you will stay awake the more will be the chance to take huge food intakes. Sleep deprivation brings hunger.

  • Sleep deprivation affects insulin that is responsible for energy regulation.
  • It can lead to weight gain and more weight means less metabolic activity

Having Your Periods

When you lose blood during your period, you ultimately lose iron. Iron helps circulating oxygen between your cells.

  • Iron insufficiency makes your metabolism slow
  • During periods, eat iron-rich foods like spinach, beans and dairy products.


Drinking more water is associated with weight loss. People who drink more water stay generally healthy.

  • Water boosts metabolism that helps in burning calories

Dropping Calcium Intake

Calcium helps your body burn fat by activating the metabolic process. You can get calcium from milk, cheese, yogurt and dark vegetables. Calcium does have other huge health benefits as well.

Skipping Coffee and Tea

Coffee and tea have generally invigorating and arousing effects on your body. These drinks contain caffeine which keeps your metabolism active for hours providing continuous energy.

  • Make it a habit of drinking tea and coffee with your breakfast and you will stay active for larger part of the day.

Only Cardio Workouts

Cardio exercises like walking, running, swimming and cycling are the great way to boost your heart performance and they give a huge push up to your metabolic process.

  • Missing out on another exercise that builds strength is a negative aspect
  • By Building muscles you will get more calories burnt
  • Use machines in gym and do exercises with weights, it will help you increase your metabolic rate

By correcting your habits and getting rid of these obstacles will lead you towards a better and healthy life.


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