Most common types of cancer are mentioned here below in this article. This article is also translated in Urdu language for the Urdu readers.

Common Types of Cancer

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer begins with a tiny spot, which gradually grows noticeably large and is called a tumor. The patient suffers from a great deal of pain at that spot. The tumor releases poisonous secretions with a repugnant smell.

Lung Cancer

The onset of lung cancer induces coughing and difficulty in breathing. In fact, an individual feels pain in the lungs while breathing. Blood can be seen in the sputum coughed out from the throat. Weight loss also occurs. The formation of nodules occurs in lung cancer.

Brain Cancer

Lung cancer spreads to the bones and the brain. An individual suffering from brain cancer experiences seizures. Memory is impaired and several parts of the body start to feel numb. All these symptoms are accompanied with severe pain. In serious cases, the cancer spreads to the bones leading to the weakness of bones. Even a small injury can lead to bone fracture.

Colon Cancer

An individual might contract this disease at the age of 40. The most common symptoms of colon cancer include a severe stomach ache, constipation, weight loss and blood deficiency. Blood is also seen in stool. The intestines stop functioning properly.

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Breast Cancer

Breast cancer causes formation of lumps in the breasts. It causes a woman to lose weight and deficiency of blood occurs. The breasts might sometimes bleed as well. Breast cancer has become a common disease all over the world leading to an increased number of deaths every year.

Uterine Cancer

Uterine cancer is a very dangerous disease. It causes a woman to lose weight rapidly. A severe pain in the back is also experienced.The cancer of the uterus is usually contracted by those women who have already given birth to a large number of children.

Cancer of Glands

This type of cancer affects the frequency and amount of urination. This cancer spreads to the bones and the nearby tissues. It also affects the kidneys causing edema, a condition in which an excess of fluid accumulates in the kidneys, causing them to swell. This may even lead to kidney failure.

Cancer of Larynx

The nodes of the thyroid enlarge and the voice is affected. An individual affected by the cancer of the larynx has difficulty swallowing food and breathing. Prompt treatment should be given for this cancer.

Cancer of Tongue

Cancer of the tongue is caused due to excessive smoking or chewing tobacco. A wound is developed on the upper part of the tongue. It also emits a repugnant smell. If not treated promptly, the cancer can spread to the throat.

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Stomach Cancer

Stomach cancer is very common all over the world. It causes a loss of appetite, constipation and headache. Deficiency of blood and a general weakness are also experience. If not treated on time, it can spread to the muscles.

Types of Cancer in Urdu

Types of Cancer