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Benefits of Banana: Benefits of Eating Bananas to the Human Body


Benefits of Bananas

Benefits of Banana: Banana is one of the greatest creations of almighty Allah; it is very beneficial for human body. This is an edible fruit that belongs to Musa ( one of the three genres of family Musaceae ) and used all over the world for better taste in food and milk shakes.

Ingredients of Banana:

Along with dietary fiber, banana contains three types of natural sugars like glucose, fructose, and sucrose. These ingredients provide a quick and stable source of direct energy to those who eat them. When compared with apple, it contains four times the amount of protein, two times carbohydrates, three times phosphorus, five times vitamin A & iron, and twice the amount of other vitamins and minerals. It is replete with potassium as well. Based on these facts, you can sum up the qualities of banana in a single sentence, i.e. “a banana a day keeps doctor away”.

Benefits of Banana:


Research proves that if you eat two bananas, you can get energy to work for ninety minutes. That is the sole reason why banana comes on the top of the athlete’s dietary list all over the world. It not only keeps us fit, but also enables us fight against a number of disorders. That is why, it is wise to make it the part of your routine diet.

It’s very beneficial in overcoming many diseases, as the latest research provides some facts that eating banana can effectively relieve the symptoms of depression. The tryptophan ingredient found in banana, is one of the twenty-22 standard amino acids in human body that needs to be supplied with diet as it cannot be synthesized therein. This essential biochemical compound, not only makes you relaxed, but also enlightens your mood. Moreover, the consumption of banana provides you with a sense of pleasure and satisfaction.

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The iron ingredient in banana is very high; it helps human body to stimulate the production of hemoglobin, “an oxygen binding protein in red blood cells” and eliminates the deficiency of blood in your body. Especially, it’s very helpful for the patient of anemia.

This wonderful blessing of nature, if on one hand, contains an ample quantity of potassium (K, Kalium), on the other hand, has very small quantity of salt in it. That is why it is considered to be one of the best curative measures for abnormal conditions of blood pressure. On these grounds, the American food department and the ministry of medicines have recommended banana as a medication to reduce the risk of abnormal blood pressure and stroke.

The Use of Banana to Enhance Mental Power and Relieve Heartburn:

In America, a research was conducted in which 200 school children were selected who were appearing in their examination. They were advised to eat banana in their lunch break, and it was found to promote their mental capability as the children were able to remember their lessons more easily. Because of its high potassium content, it is capable of normalizing your heart beat rate and facilitating the supply of oxygen to the brain.

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Use of Banana in the Treatment of Tobacco Addiction:

Banana is of great help for the control of the smoking habit because it contains vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, potassium and magnesium. It relieves the symptoms that arise out of the sudden discontinuation of nicotine, a harmful substance in tobacco.

In many countries, all over the world, doctors recommend the banana for pregnant women as it helps them maintain the body temperature and the emotional state of mind. For example, the pregnant women in Thailand eat a banana daily so that their child must be cool-tempered.

As pulp of banana is very soft and smooth; it’s very beneficial for the patients of intestinal ulcer. It’s the only fruit that can be eaten even in the chronic disease of ulcer. It neutralizes the increasing acidity and cures the injuries to the stomach wall.

Banana for Beauty:

Mix the banana pulp with honey and a small quantity of lemon juice, and apply it on your face at about half an hour before the sunrise. Similarly, wash you face before the sun rises; face will be shining like a full moon.

Benefits of Banana
Banana Benefits for Human Body