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Teeth are not only essential but also the important part of mouth. It is hard to eat and survive without teeth because absence of teeth makes it difficult to eat and chew different types of food, nuts and all things. It looks odd to live without teeth or healthy teeth. In fact absence of teeth is much better than having ill teeth.

A beautiful person without teeth looks quite odd and imperfect so teeth are also important for beautiful personality. Similarly if you see a beautiful and well dressed person but his or her teeth are ugly or imperfect it will definitely make his or her bad impression and will matter a lot in insulting the person. So be conscious about your teeth and healthy teeth. Always take care of them and try to keep them shiny, clean and strong otherwise they will tear off soon and make your life incomplete and weird.

So, the most important tip for keeping teeth strong and healthy is to brush them daily and try to clean them after almost every meal and drink like tea or coffee. However the proper way of brushing is also the important thing but majority of our people are illiterate of proper way of brushing their teeth. Always change your brush after a month and you should try to use proper and good brush which have strong grip on germs instead of a soft and beautiful brush.

Always avoid over eating sugar or sugar-coated food. In case you can’t avoid it then at least try to wash your teeth after eating sugar containing food. Chocolates, toffees, candies, sweets, sweet biscuits and sweet dishes should be ate in balance and wash your teeth after eating these things. Drinking too much soft drink also effect teeth health so try to drink limited soft drinks but drink plenty of fresh water daily. Vegetables and fresh fruits are also good for teeth and add shine to teeth.

Infection of teeth may happen because of various thing s which include improper washing of teeth, eating bad food, keeping unbalanced diet and using bad brush and improper tooth brush. Tooth brush should always be of good company or home made tooth brush should be used for best result. There are many home made products that may make teeth clean and healthy which includes table salt, oil and others.

Always consult a good dentist if you feel any kind of teeth problem like pain, swelling or bleeding. Take proper treatment and eat or use medicine regularly. Never ignore your teeth while grooming your personality. They might destroy all your personality and impression in just one smile. So, keep your teeth healthy and smile beautifully.

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