Tips for Dry Cracked Heels


Heels are the most important and sensitive part of human feet. Heels suffer all the weight of human body and are commonly ignored by us. according to a recent research by a Swedish university it is recorded that heels are the top most body part that are almost ignored by humans and majority of males does not care about their heels.

Commonly there are a lot of tips about health care and beauty care but majority of people has not a single tip about the health and care of their heels. We mainly ignore our heels while caring beauty and health of our feet but heels suffer the most and the main in all our work. Heels need the most rest, care and attention for the better working of feet. If we ignore our heel then our feet get tired soon and we cannot walk fast. But the main thing happens when our heels start cracking. It is really a painful process. Cracked heels cause very pain and feet look ugly too. Dirt gets stocked in the cracks of heels and feet give really an awful and bad look.

There are some little and petty things that can be done easily to make heels softer, healthier and beautiful. Always wash your feet whenever you arrive home back though it’s after job, morning walk, shopping or whatever it is. Do not forget to wash your feet before sleeping. It is important so that all day’s dirt can be removed from feet and dirt might not gather to infect or make your feet look bad. Do not forget to apply any kind of moisturizer after washing your feet. It is the most important tip to make your heels away from cracking.

If in case you have got your heels cracked then there are many things you can do is seconds and at home for making them healthier. You can apply moisturizer regularly on heels. Goat milk is very good for cracked heels. If you can’t get the fresh goat milk then use such kinds of products for heels that contain goat milk. Try to cover your feet and keep them away from any kind of dirt or soil place or do not walk on dirty place or on street with naked feet.

However, if your cracked heels have started bleeding then contact your doctor and use the medicine for it because it may get worse and make your movement difficult. You can avoid cracking of heels by applying vitamin E oil or products on your heels. Shoes are also important for keeping feet healthy. Always try to use the shoes that may suit you and keep your feet comfortable. Avoid such shoes that are tight and cause pain to you while walking.

Remedies for Cracked HeelsPrecautions for Cracked Heels

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