Home Remedies for Face Whitening


Maintain face freshness even in busy lifestyle of yours just by utilizing few of your precious minutes. This seems apparently impossible, but is really possible and simpler if you go with these golden tips about face whitening. Make schedule in a way that you have a fixed time which is only for your beauty care. I hope you are definitely going to say that getting a fairer and glowing skin is no more a big deal after going through these home remedies for face whitening.

Homemade masks for face whitening:

  • Soak few almonds in fresh water overnight. Blend with a little milk and apply on face and neck. Washout with cold water after 20 minutes for best results.
  • Mix lime juice, honey and milk powder in equal quantity with 2 to 3 teaspoons of almond oil. This paste is good to apply on face or any other part of your body where you want should be more fairer.
  • Peel off one orange and dry its peels in sunshine, after fully dried, grind it and mix in a cup of milk. Apply this on face and neck overnight and get amazing results.
  • Take one tsp of gram flour, 3 drops of lemon, one tsp honey and 2 tsp of milk cream. Make a fine paste of these and apply on face and neck for magical results.
  • Make a scrub of peeled almonds and honey and apply on face to get baby like soft and whitish skin.
  • Potato juice is best for bleaching skin and making it more glowing.
  • If you rub half lemon on your face on daily basis, it helps lighten your skin gradually.
  • Tomato juice is best for providing skin a pinkish look as well as absorbing excess of oil on face.
  • Daily usage of coconut oil lightens skin and body scars.

To get bright and beaming face seems too easy if you read the above mentioned home remedies for face whitening, but it is only easy if you practice them without being lazy. Here i used the word lazy in that sense that most of us find ourselves love in fair complexion, but have lost just due to our own carelessness. Everything is possible if we go with it steadily and with patience. If you own dark complexion, you are not supposed to have fair one in no time, but you need constant effort and patience in this regard. The above given home remedies for face whitening are good with no side effects at all but can take time in showing the required results.

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