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Dry hair mean the hair don’t have enough moisture and oil. Problem of dry hair is very common now days. Hair lose the shine because of dryness and this dryness ultimately results in hair loss. One should take the necessary steps to provide oil and moisture to the hair. Experts said that chemical enriched shampoos are also very harmful for dry hair.

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Women Dry HairDry and Weak Hair

Dry hair tend to be thin, rough & damaged and with split ends. All these problems are due to dryness and to know about the reasons or cause of dryness is very important. We are telling you some causes of dryness.
Common Causes of Dry Hair:
• Malnutrition and lack of nutrient in your daily dietary plan is one of the causes of dry hair.
• The exposure of hair to sunrays makes your hair dry and polluted air is equally injurious to the healthy hair.
• Other reasons of dry hair are unhealthy environmental conditions such as flume and pollution.
• Minerals and chlorine present in water that you used for washing your hair can be the reason.
• Excess of calcium makes your hair dry, weak and this may leads to dry scalp.
• Inactive thyroid and parathyroid is one of the other reasons of dryness.
Home remedies:
For your help some home remedies are written below;
• If your hair are dry then use lukewarm coconut oil, it is best for you. Massage your hair with coconut oil for half hour, leave your hair for 2 hours and then wash your hair.
• Take some sika kai beans, 6 cups of water and boil those beans in water for sufficient time. Instead of shampoo use this boiled water to wash your hair.
• Take an egg, lemon juice and one Ts of coconut oil; mix all these ingredients, apply this mixture on hair roots and then wash your hair with sika kai. After that mix lemon juice in warm water and wash your hair with it. It is very helpful to reduce dandruff.
• Hair trimming is also very important to protect your hair. Trimming helps to avoid split ends and you should trim your hair after every 6 – 8 weeks.
Try to avoid products with harmful chemicals and alcohol. Chemical based products are one of the major reasons of dry & damaged hair.