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Cosmetics are the beauty enhancing products that are also used for the purpose of cleansing. Cosmetics play a vital role in the improvement of your beauty and became an essential part of the shopping. In last few years, the trend of using branded cosmetics increased and that trend drives many companies to come into being. As a result, now you can get a large variety of branded cosmetics in the market. Cosmetics include creams, lotions, perfumes, lipstick, nail polish, hair care and beauty products. A number of famous brands are running their businesses in Pakistan but here we are going to tell you about the most famous brands.

Famous Cosmetics Brands in Pakistan:

Large variety of cosmetics is offered by different brands to give you a chance to polish your features and beauty. Pakistan is having huge number of brands that are popular not only in Pakistan but also in the other countries of the world, which also increase the competition in the market. Pakistani market has the space for the new entrants because of high demand and to grab that opportunity many foreign brands are launching their products here. Let us have a brief look on some of the quality brand.

Odho Cosmetics:

Odho cosmetics are included in the list of Pakistan’s most favorite brands. The specialty of this brand is its all products are made with “Halal” material and a very huge collection of colors of eye shadow and blush on are available.

Luscious Cosmetics:

This company gains the popularity in a short span of time and their success is largely dependent on the marketing of their products. Company creates awareness about their beauty products through heavy marketing. Shimmers and blush on of Luscious cosmetics are very well liked.


Revlon is one of the pioneer companies of Pakistani cosmetics that are serving from many years. Revlon’s skin care products are very good and really suitable for different types of skin.

The Body Shop:

The Body Shop is working from many years in Pakistan and is available on the big stores & outlets in most of the cities. The company is mainly dealing in skin care products like body scrubs.

Sweet touch:

Another Pakistani cosmetics brand, which is offering a wide range of cosmetics specially nail polishes of this brands are liked by the majority of girls. The favorable point of Sweet Touch is it molds its offerings according to the demand like bright nail colors.


L’Oreal is the world’s famous brand, offers thousands of beauty products and has the large portion of market share in Pakistan as well. Lip-glosses of L’Oreal are awesome with stunning bright colors that are giving intense competition to other brands.

Other Brands:

Except above, famous cosmetics brands of Pakistan are Medora, Etude, MAC, Odho Cosmetics, Clinique, Becute, immense and many others. You should have information about the brand and the products before purchasing and you can get that information from this article.


Pakistani CosmeticsPakistani Cosmetics Brands

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