Basic Leg Exercises Bodybuilding Or Weightlifting Workouts In Gym
Basic Leg Exercises Bodybuilding Or Weightlifting Workouts In Gym

As we mentioned in our other article ‘Bodybuilding Tips’ that leg exercises are key in bodybuilding. Before reading this article you must read that article. Mostly beginners don’t give much attention to the leg exercises and this is why they feel tired a week after their exercise for hours. Legs are like pillars of the body, you cannot build a big building with weak pillars similarly you cannot have a muscular body if your legs are weak. So it is important to give proper attention on leg exercise. Here we will explain few basic but important leg exercises that you can perform in the gym.

Leg Extension

This exercise is perfect for beginners. For this exercise you require a leg extension machine, which is easily available at any gym. First of all you will need to choose the weight that you can easily lift through your legs. After choosing weights sit on the machine with your hands holding the side bars and legs under the pad. Then exhale and stretch your legs to the maximum and lift the pad with your legs. Make sure rest of your body is in a stationary position during the position and exhale when you lift and inhale while moving down. Do at least three three sets of the exercise or as recommended by the instructor.

Barbell Squat

Always perform this exercise inside a Squat rack for safety. To do this exercise set the bars in a rack with a weight that you can easily lift. Be careful while setting the weight as excess of weight can injure your shoulder muscles. After setting up the rack place it below the back of the shoulder. Keeping your posture straight move the rack up until your arms are at 180 degrees. Repeat the steps for continuous sets. This is a tough exercise and if you have back problems then it is strongly recommended not to undertake this exercise.

Lying Leg Curl

This exercise is done on the same machine on which you performed Leg Extension exercise. If you performed Leg Extension exercise as instructed, then this exercise shouldn’t be a problem for you. Lie down on the machine with your face towards the floor and back legs under the pads of the machine. Just like Leg Extension exercise exhale when you lift your lower legs up as much as possible and inhale when you move them down. Make sure your upper legs are stationary when you move up. Be extremely careful while setting up weight for this exercise because overweight can cause low back injury.

Leg Lift

This is fairly an easy exercise and can also be done at home. Stand straight and hold a solid surface with your both hands like top of a chair. Move your one leg up towards your back while keeping your other leg straight. Exhale when you move your leg towards back and inhale when you bring it back to the floor.

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