bait ul muqaddas

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King David (Hazrat Daud A.S) founded the city of Jerusalem and holy place, which was further taken care by his son King Solomon (Hazrat Sulaiman A.S). Usually, the city of Jerusalem is known “Baitul Muqaddas” (holy house or place).

Most of the prophets of Allah were appointed in this city. This is one of the most blessed places in the world and majority of people from different religions wish to visit here.

This city is equally holy for the three largest religions in the world i.e. Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Holy prophet of Islam considered it as the first Qibla and used to say his prayers with his companions facing towards its direction.

In the journey of Mairaj this city was the first destination of the Holy prophet where the other prophets offered prayer after him. King David ruled the city for 33 years and this was a period of unrest for Israelites army as he united Israelites together who were earlier divided apart.

King Solomon constructed Hekhal (Solomon’s Temple) according to the wishes of his father, King David. Deep inside the Hekhal he built a sacred place and put the “Sakina’s Coffin” there.

The city was destroyed and captured many times by different warriors and religions. Hekhal was destroyed and rebuilt many a times in various eras. During the caliphate of Hazrat Umar Farooq (R.A), he conquered Jerusalem and built a simple mosque at the place where it used to be Hekhal earlier.

Before that time, the place was like garbage storage because people used to through garbage to register their hatred against the Jews. Later prophets of Umayyad dynasty laid down the foundation of Aqsa Mosque and completed the construction.

The sacred places are located on the east side of the city where Muslims, Christians and Jews pay their religious regards. According to the statement of Dr. Barkley, the most sacred place for Muslims Haram Shrif is situated on 35 acres. Masjid-e-Aqsa and Qubat-ul-Sakhra are also located in it.

There are many high points in Haram which are knows as “Mehraab” by Muslims and they say prayers in front of these places. There fifty inside and outside doors in “Haram Shrif”. In 1967, Maulana Sher Ali stated that the number of these doors is fourteen.

There are many other sacred buildings in its jurisdiction except Masjid-e-Aqsa and Qubat-ul-Sakhra. Now this city hosts the most religious and holy places of Jews, Christians and Muslims.

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  1. I am a Christian and I believe in Jesus Christ because Jesus is supreme. No body did miracles like Him and Nobody was born like Him. He is the only one without any sin. all prophets committed sins but Jesus did not.

  2. I m Faiz and I m Muslim and m follow the best religion of the world Islam also I believe on bible and Jesus he was a prophet (massenger of Allah) and also I belive prophet daud(a.s)( prophet saved ) and his so prophet suleman (a.s)(prophet Solomon)

  3. Hi . My name is sarfaraz . I beleave in christ . But here is the matter of qurrel bitween three big religion . Why we are fighting . We obey one god who is in heaven . He has many name .(yahuda kibriya allaha ) And many other . So we must keep love and brotherhood. Becouse we begoted from one father . And loved one by him

    • we shouldnt called him as a Jesus….He was a holly prophet (P.B.U.H). we called as ISSA Ghalaihe salam. Actually the christen believe in ISSA (P.B.U.H) but i am surprised about their thinking that how he can be a God. How a God can be die. He was just a holly messanger from God. He is very respectable for Muslim

  4. Love Everyone who believe The Allah
    Allah Is the genreter All kinds of men like prophet
    So always pray the Allah
    and don’t hate anyone

  5. Iam riyaz ! victor jhon we love Jesus(peace be upon him ) and we do follow him . You told that he born miracley . We believe it but he got birth from Mariam but Adam and Eve they don’t have mother or father ….. God is the creator ….. God is not his creation

  6. Everyone should read translation of Quran ,n will get all answers, n all prophets r masoom,all Muslims love n respect H. issa as also

  7. IS meen tashreh pura nahi kia gia k binyameen ka tazkra nahi ju un ki nasl aj Afghano k nam sy mashhor heen

  8. Aoa, I’m a Muslim and I believe n love Jesus as well. In fact it’s a condition or pilligram of our faith in Islam. If we rejects any of the prophets then we are not even Muslim. Christian think Jesus is God but if he is God then whom he worshipped? It means there’s a God other than Jesus

  9. I m Abrar khan
    All prophets have kindness for all universe and they are absolutely messenger of Allah who want to run us on truthful path. So don’t vie and follow their salutary instructions.
    Because there is no GOD but ALLAH.

  10. Hey everyone trump promise today baitul muqadas will be the capital of Israil. rediculouse they are creating troubles.


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