Mental stress is fatal for physical health of person. It can affect the immune system and stomach (when person stops eating regular diet due to stress stomach is disturbed). Normally patient of mental stress indulge into drugs addiction which ultimately destroys the life of person. Hyper tension can also cause hair fall in healthy person.
Side Effects of Tension in Urdu

Side Effects of Tension in Urdu

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  1. Side effects of tension are great.keep it up.your health tips are great and also very useful staff.I like them very much.You are doing great job for all peoples who like to read in urdu.
    Thanks for updating me your new side effects. I can’t wait.

  2. i am amaze there are exactly some symptoms which i realy have in my mind. sometimes i feels so stress, my heart pumps so fast even there is no reason, i dont know what sort of fear inside my heart i always thinks
    after read this information i will try to avoid to take tension inshallah
    thanks a lot for provide this information to every one

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