Suzuki Liana Car Review, Specs, Price and Pictures


Suzuki Liana is available in three different variants i.e. 1.3 LXI, 1.2 RXI and 1.6 eminent. Although this car has all modern safety and comfort features but failed to make success in market. The main reasons of its failure are its ordinary looking exterior design and high price. Available in 7 different colors this sedan car is one of the most badly designed cars of Suzuki Motors.

Suzuki Liana Review

Liana 1.3L RXI MT: Rs. 1,232,000/-
Liana 1.3L RXI MT CNG: Rs. 1,301,000/-
Suzuki Liana Review in Urdu

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  1. Dear Friends,
    I would like to make my personal comments on Suzuki Lian because I feel its very important for the awareness of my other friends.1. Its a 100% luxry seden car. 2. If we compare with Honda City its much better than performance and coolind wise. 3- Every one have bad words for Liana because these all lips to lips words who have driven this car I can bet he will only make positive remarks. I was looking used car in my budget but the market is very high Honda City 2006 market Value 9 lackhs to 10 lacks toyota xli 10 to 11 lackhs Suzuki cultus 2006 model .6 million to .650 million but the liana 2006 extremely neat and clean just .7 million to .78 million. I recommend it. Khud Hafiz

  2. Liana car is better then other cars bcz in the low cost it has accumodate all the interior functions. its one fault is pick up…

  3. My opinion is that if u wantto purchase new liana then its not good because it has no resale value so it will give u a loss but to buy a used one like 06 or 07 model in 6 to 7 lacs is good coz itne mein srf liana hi best hai as compared to cultus its best in this price but in performance it is quite far behind honda and toyota because suzuki is growing and toyota and honda had grown very fast than suzuki so buy a used liana and enjoy its comfort but not buy new it has no resale besides this corola and city has good resale

  4. I think Suzuki Liana is a very good at a low budget. I have had kept Liana throughout & found out to be a very good Car. The only problem it had is the pick-up problem in 2nd Gear at CNG Mode. That can also be fixed if you get the tune up with a good mechanic and also change the Air Filter at every Oil Change. The interior is much much better than Honda City and the Security Feature of Liana with Sensor Controlled Switch Entry is amazing.
    Last Piece of Advice—– Go for Suzuki Liana if you are short of Budget as its one of the best car in its Prince Range.
    Javed Ahmed

  5. I was much worried about buying suzuki liana bcoz of bad comments from other people. i have bought this car last month and i would like to say its a wonderful car having all luxurious functions. Drive is excellent. Those who give bad comments about this car actually they never ever have drive this car. All those who are reluctant about buying this car should buy without any hesitation as this is a wounderful luxurious car. thanks

  6. Salam, I own a LIANA VURV 2009-10 model CNG version. It is a nice car as few of my friends mentioned that it has bad pick. I never found any such problem may be its becuase of VURV which SUZUKI claims a perfect model of Liana. On long routes it gives best milage (200 km without AC)
    In my view point there is only one bad point in Liana i.e it’s resale. the reason behind this is our roadside mechanics, who dont know how to fix this car and say its a fail car and salute to our nation who pronounce their verdict without owning it or driving it.
    If you own Liana and fix your car’s problem from their dealership who has its full knowledge and proper machanics, would never face any problem.
    This is the best car in this price tag.

  7. Why the prices are so down i have seen people selling liana for Rs. 5 lac what is the failure i want to know before i could decide to buy cultus instead of liana.

  8. I agree with all above comments and wants to add here that i am also driving Liana LXI since 2006. When i bought this car i was also shaky that i have taken a right decision by purchasing this car or not? but with the passage of time it proved to be a very right decision because in 2006 Liana was the only 1300 CC car with ABS brakes. Liana has a very comfortable drive especially long drive, seats are also very comfortable as compare to Toyota/Honda, have beautiful interior with graceful look, overall as compare to its price it has all the luxuries which are in toyota Altis and Honda Civic. All the negative propoganda about this car is just hearsay. Since Liana is also (1300 CC) car and it has competition with Toyota XLI/GLI and Honda City and both these cars have already made their market/place in hearts and minds of Public so that is why it has less resale value as compare to both above mentioned cars.Yes like all other cars it also has few weeknesses which i have observed with the passage of time and here i want to share them for all those who are interested to purchase this car. 1 It is delicate/sensitive car(need more maintenance/care) as compare to Toyota/Honda.2 It has less resale value.3 you may face problem of adjustment while driving on CNG(if air filter and regular check up from mechanic are not taken care of). Liana is overall a good car for those who take good care of their cars and is much much better car for drive as compare to its reputation. Best of Luck

  9. I want to purchase a sedan in affordable price after too much search in local market and i have found that honda and toyota always start propoganda against any new intery in sedan class to continue bluff with peoples of pakistan. Peoples these toyota xli and gli are not international models localy dsgn by indus toyota motors, liana is in all the world with diffrent shape or function, world class car liana,
    any body see in other countries like shape of paki toyota or honda? Sirf avam ko loot rahay hen yeh ,i will go for liana best, japnese dsign ingtion with latest electrical system, some peoples here on web are employ of toyta and honda to promote their cars and bad comments other sedans, even kia and any new entry hyundai all these are vitcom of these crap makers cars diplomacy,think again whats day doing with pakistan,

  10. Dear All
    I purchased Liana RXi 1.3 2006 model about 6 months ago. I was also very confused at that time after hearing bad comments of many people especially roadside mechanics about Liana. All were praising Toyota and Honda models. I became interested in Liana after hearing so much controversy about Suzuki Liana! I am satisfied ¬†after having this car because it offered no problem to me. It is a wonderful car with very beautiful interior as compared to other cars of its price range. The only problem I felt that it front bumper is slightly lower than xli that’s why it is not fit to drive on uneven paths leading to our rural areas. Otherwise it is best car for Executive & Domestic use because this car is for sensible & elite people not for illiterate Taxi Drivers!!!!!!!
    It is very funny that if u buy a Toyota Xli in about 15 lakhs and park it on ur main door outside, then 9/10 people will consider it as Taxi (because almost all the commercial transport is Toyota brand) hahaha!!!! But Suzuki Liana can never be considered as Taxi by others wheather it is urs or not!!!! So Change ur thinking and try it!!!

  11. i am agree with all above comments about performance of Suzuki Liana….its an amazing car in low budget range

  12. It’s an awsome car..I bought 1.6 eminent 2009..It’s performance is better than honda city..& luxurious cabin……if i could do something for this car’s repute i would sue honda/ toyota…both are silent thieves looking in the pockets of mummy daddy peoples….

    • Salam Majid,

      Thanks for the comment, you are right these companies are just blackmailing our people in the name of their brand. But the issue is with us also, we people are also brand conscious, and prefer brands over quality.

      Shah Jahan Labar

  13. Yaar monoply ki intaha hay…1.6 eminent ab b europe, emarites & us ki markets main suzuki areio k naam se bik rahi hay…pakistan main isko kia prob hay…log cng lagwa k khud gaari kharab kar lete hain jab company jo keh rahi hay k hamari garai 12 se 18 tak average dati hay to bhala cng lagwane ki kiya zaorat hay…loog city ko paterol pe rakh laite liana ko rakh k daikho wo b kaam nahi nikalay ge…

    • Salaam Majid,

      Ap bilkul thek keh rhy hain, laiken suzuki khud bhi tu monopoly krta hai, like mehran jis qeemat main sale ho rhi hai, un paison main ap es se lakh darjay behter japanese car lay saktay ho, mere khayal main liana k na chalnay ki wajah es ki shape bhi hai.
      Thanks for the Comment.

      • You are absolutely right..Hyndai santro, Kia classic, Kia spectra, Kia sportage, Mitsubishi pajero & lancer, Nissan sunny ye sab gariyan bhi in 3 companies ki monoply ki waja se band hui hain ya flop hain..inko telecummunication aur media ki tarha competeion main lana chaye tab he price kam aur quality improve ho ge…

        • Salaam Majid,
          G Majid bhai ap thek keh rhy hain, Hyndai santro, Kia classic, Kia spectra, Kia sportage, Mitsubishi pajero & lancer, Nissan sunny yeh gariaan en companies ki garion k muqblay main kafi behter bhi hain, bs janab baat wohi hamari gov ko yeh companies acha khasa paisa laga daiti hain, aur apni monopoly banaye huye hain.
          Shah Jahan Labar

  14. Suzuki liana as contrary to the common belief, is a very comfortable, reliable and fuel efficient car. I own this car and m very satisfied with it. All those people talking against this car are just forwarding the words heard from others who themselves never had this car.

    I would just say about its fuel economy. We had a suzuki mehran 96 model on patrol, when fuel efficiency was compared with that, Liana almost beat that mehran, so its highly fuel efficient and has a very responsive engine. Although I have no experience of CNG
    This car is a driving pleasure on highways, pretty stable and comfortable ride… enjoy


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